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About Motorbike

Oil & Filter Changes:

If you only do one thing yourself on your motorcycle and get a shop to do everything else, this should be the one. Oil is the lifeblood of any vehicle (motorcycle, car, truck, etc), and is critical to the life of your motorcycle life. Without oil, no matter how old or new your bike is, the engine will seize and die.

Motorcycles are very hard on engine oil versus the typical car, they run at higher Revolutions Per Minute, meaning the parts move hundreds of times faster than in a car, at hotter temperatures, and in most oil and air is the only thing that cools the engine down from melting down. So again, do yourself a favor and change your oil regularly.

What Oil Does:

Not only does Oil cool down an engine, but it also makes sure that metal parts do not come into contact with each other. Since metal-on-metal contact can cause lots of expensive damage in an engine and that debris is what very quickly destroys things inside the engine. Oil is what not only keeps those metal parts from smashing into each other but also acts as a transport carrier to quickly move minor debris away and into the filter to be deposited safely.

So that is where the Oil Filter comes into play, without an oil filter, all that debris being carried around in the oil would have no safe place to be deposited and would do more damage as it travels around and around the engine.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Some change their oil too often, others forget to change it enough. We need to change it as often as your bike needs it. Check your owner's manual and see what the manufacturer recommends, let's say it is every 3,000km, then I would recommend changing it every 2,000km (or every 6 months) to make my bike's engine last longer. If you don't know when to change your oil, every 2,000km (or every 6 months) is more than enough to be on the safe side.

I suggest 6 months as well because oil actually does get oil and it loses its lubricating properties just sitting around at the bottom of your engine, so just because you don't ride a lot doesn't mean you get off on doing maintenance!


Proven performance for real-world driving

Nothing works harder to keep your motorbike run smoothly than Etalon. As Malaysia's Leading Synthetic Engine Oil, it features 5 main advantages to provide better performance which are Better Fuel Economy, Superior Control of Piston Ring Zone Deposits, Excellent Low Friction, and Exceptional Fast Start-up Lubrication & Good Theme-Oxidative Stability. The technology makes Etalon exceed the toughest standards of Japanese, European, and U.S motorbike maker and provides exceptional protection against engine wear, under normal or even the most extreme conditions.
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Copyright © 2023 by Etalon. All rights reserved. Motor Engine oil Malaysia | Minyak Enjin Motor Malaysia
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